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    Tama MT68ST Mini Timbales Set 06"+08", material: steel, size: 06"x04" + 08"x04", another very affordable way to add new colors to your kit, Tama's Steel Mini-Tymps provide new accents with a clear and "cracky" sound to just about any style of music, includes L-Rod (LLT), angle adjustable rachet arm and multi-clamp (MC66) ..
    272.00 лв
    с ДДС: 272.00 лв
  • TAMA MT810ST

    TAMA MT810ST

    Tama MT810ST Mini Timbales Set 08"+10", material: steel, size: 08"x04" + 10"x04", another very affordable way to add new colors to your kit, Tama's Steel Mini-Tymps provide new accents with a clear and "cracky" sound to just about any style of music, includes L-Rod (LLT), angle adjustable rachet arm and multi-clamp (MC66) ..
    284.00 лв
    с ДДС: 284.00 лв
  • TAMA DST1055M

    TAMA DST1055M

    Tama Soundworks Snare Drums are versatile, affordable drums for the professional or hobbyist. They're fairly simple in terms of drum design, but they sound great - if you don't need a lot of bells and whistles, this 5.5" x 10" steel model may be right up your alley. The shell on this drum is constructed from a 1.2mm piece of steel that produces a bright bark and a cutting tone specially suited ..
    376.00 лв
    с ДДС: 376.00 лв
  • TAMA DST1465

    TAMA DST1465

    Tama 14"x6,5" Soundworks Steel Snare, DST1465, Soundworks Series, Shell: 1,2mm steel shell, 2,3mm Mighty Hoop (10 holes), Evans G1 Batter thomann Head and Evans Resonant Head, 20 strand steel strand. ..
    376.00 лв
    с ДДС: 376.00 лв
  • TAMA ST1365BN

    TAMA ST1365BN

    Tama ST1365BNB Metalworks 6.5x13" Соло Барабан с Черен Никелов Завършек С една идея по-дебели основи - 1,2 мм, комбинирани с тройни обръчи, позволяват на стоманените соло барабанчета от серията Metalworks да се представят подобаващо. Черен, излъскан никелов завършек и черен хардуер създават една уникална, индустриална визия, която е перфектната визуална комбинация на стоманения звук. Характе..
    408.00 лв
    с ДДС: 408.00 лв
  • TAMA LST148

    TAMA LST148

    Tama Sound Lab Project Snare, LST148, Limited Edition, size: 14 "x8", material: 1 mm thick steel, colour: Flat thomann Black, black nickel shell hardware, 2.3 mm steel hoops, MLS70A/B Quick Throw off, MS20SN14S Starclassic snare strainer, Evans G1 Coated batter head and Evans Hazy 300 resonant head ..
    409.00 лв
    с ДДС: 409.00 лв
  • TAMA LST1455H

    TAMA LST1455H

    Big, Bold Steel Snare Tone Expect huge, bright, penetrating tone from the TAMA S.L.P. Vintage Hammered Steel snare drum. This 5.5" x 14" snare drum boasts a 1.2mm hammered steel shell, brass tube lugs, and 20-strand super-sensitive high-carbon steel snare wires. Drummers at Sweetwater dig the hammered steel shell, and not just for its sweet looks: the irregular surface creates asymmetric sonic ..
    570.00 лв
    с ДДС: 570.00 лв
  • TAMA LAL1455

    TAMA LAL1455

    CLASSIC DRY ALUMINUM This drum features a seamless 1.2 mm Aluminum shell with a center bead. The 8-lug Steel Mighty Hoops make for a crisp sound with short sustain. The vintage look and sound are reminiscent of the early years of popular aluminum snare drums. Suggested musical styles: Pop, Funk, Fusion & Country LAL1455 Shell: 1.2mm Seamless Aluminum  Size: 5.5"x14"  Lug: M..
    582.00 лв
    с ДДС: 582.00 лв
  • TAMA LAL145

    TAMA LAL145

    Tama 14"x05" Snare Drum, Super Aluminum, S.L.P -Sound Lab Project Series, LAL145 Version, Finish: 1.6mm Aluminum Shell, Chrome Shellhardware with Brass Tube-Lugs, Sound Arc Hoops, MLS50A + B "Linear-Drive" Snare Strainer, 20strand MS20SN14C Starclassic Hi-Carbon Steel Strand, Evans G1 white Coated and Evans Hazy 300 Resonant Drum Heads. ..
    663.00 лв
    с ДДС: 663.00 лв
  • TAMA LBR1465

    TAMA LBR1465

    By using a relatively thicker Brass 1.5mm brass shell, the Black Brass model provides fat powerful sound combined with warm resonance. This sound is a natural characteristic of Brass. A 2.3mm flanged hoop adds to the open sound, and a 42-strand Snappy Snare exhibits a distinct and desirable buzz. Shell: 1.5mm Brass shell Size: 6.5 x 14" Finish: Black Nickel plating with Black Nickel hardware ..

    text_regular_price 742.00 лв

    text_special_price 683.00 лв

    с ДДС: 683.00 лв
  • TAMA LBZ1455

    TAMA LBZ1455

    DYNAMIC BRONZE The new Dynamic Bronze snare drum is quite unlike any of its Sound Lab siblings?and unlike most other Bronze snares as well. With a 1.2mm hairline Bronze shell and die-cast hoops, the S.L.P. Dynamic Bronze snare drum speaks with a sharp, clear attack and a rich tone to follow. This is an unusually aggressive and powerful instrument ? two qualities that aren't usually associated w..
    816.00 лв
    с ДДС: 816.00 лв
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