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  • BX6 Height-adjustable tripod-base stool

    BX6 Height-adjustable tripod-base stool

    Musician' s Seat. Stable, comfortable stool for all musicians, including drum, keyboard and guitar players. - Sturdy steel construction, the BX/6 features a strong, wigglefree, foldable 3-leg base. - Multiple height adjustment positions with steel safety pin chain for extra reliability. - Thick, comfortable, foam cushion seat lined with a durable, textured vinyl covering. - Folds for easy transpor..
    140.00 лв
    с ДДС: 140.00 лв
  • Столче TAMA HT65WNBR

    Столче TAMA HT65WNBR

    HT65WNBR Details: •13" Diameter, 90mm (3 1/2") Thick Round Seat •Threaded Rod Height Adjustment •Double Braced Legs •Adjustable height range: 490-660mm (19 5/16"-26") ..
    192.00 лв
    с ДДС: 192.00 лв
  • Столче TAMA HT430N

    Столче TAMA HT430N

    Столче за барабани TAMA HT430N ..
    272.00 лв
    с ДДС: 272.00 лв
  • Столче TAMA HT630CS

    Столче TAMA HT630CS

    The new "Round Rider" seat features a more rounded, gentle shape with lower-profile seams that allow completely unimpended leg motion. The cloth-top sitting surface has a special dimple on the bottom for soft but solid feeling. TAMA HT630CS 1st Chair drummer`s throne features: Round Rider low base 3 double braced legs rounded shape lower-profile seams cloth-top height adjustable 430 - 560mm (17" ..
    351.00 лв
    с ДДС: 351.00 лв
  • Столче TAMA HT830R

    Столче TAMA HT830R

    ROUND RIDER XL RED TRIO HT830R The Round Rider features a traditional and gently rounded cushion shape that is very popular due to its versatility. This new extra large Round Rider XL seat provides the same classic shape with a wider surface area and a thicker seat. Details:Height adjustable range: 515mm-670mm (20 1/4" - 26 3/8") ..
    379.00 лв
    с ДДС: 379.00 лв
  • Столче TAMA HT730B

    Столче TAMA HT730B

    ERGO-RIDER TRIO HT730B The Ergo-Rider provides absolute ergonomic comfort and support. The hybrid of a round seat and a saddle style seat, it offers the maneuverability of the former, and the playing support of the latter. The front cutaway allows unimpeded thigh movement even during the most rapid double bass patterns. Details:Height adjustable range: 505mm-660mm (19 7/8" - 26") ..
    390.00 лв
    с ДДС: 390.00 лв
  • Столче TAMA HT741

    Столче TAMA HT741

    Столче за барабани TAMA HT741 с облегалка. ..
    586.00 лв
    с ДДС: 586.00 лв
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