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  • Ефект KORG Kaossilator 2 KO2

    Ефект KORG Kaossilator 2 KO2

    The KO2 Kaossilator 2 by Korg is a dynamic phrase synthesizer featuring 150 synth sounds, 15 high-quality PCM drum kits, 25 Rhythm Loop patterns, a Gate Arpeggiator and of course the intuitive, Kaoss touchpad.   Not only does it come packed with killer sounds, it also offers Loop Recording which allows you to create phrases with unlimited layers and a dual Loop Recor..
    233.00 лв
    с ДДС: 233.00 лв
  • Ефект KORG Mini-KP2

    Ефект KORG Mini-KP2

    mini KAOSS PAD 2 е удобен, компактен процесор с вграден MP3 плеър, снабден с мощните алгоритми за обработка, използвани в KAOSS PAD KP3 и KAOSS PAD QUAD. Мини процесора е снабден със слот за microSD карта, мини дисплей, използващ  OEL (Organic Electroluminescent) технология, вгаден говорител и микрофон. Control effects in real time using the intuitive touchpad interface MP3 player w..

    text_regular_price 311.00 лв

    text_special_price 233.00 лв

    с ДДС: 233.00 лв
  • Ефект KORG Kaossilator KO-1

    Ефект KORG Kaossilator KO-1

    Programs: 100 including synth basses and leads, natural instruments, chorded sounds and drum sounds Drum Patterns: 10 Musical Patterns: 31 Types of Gated Arpeggiators: 50 Key Range: ±12 Connectors: Stereo line out (Dual RCA), mini headphone out Sampling Frequency: 48kHz DA Conversion: 24-bit linear Power Supply: 4 AA batteries (6V) Battery Life: Approx 5 hours (with al..
    235.00 лв
    с ДДС: 235.00 лв
  • Ефект KORG Mini-KP

    Ефект KORG Mini-KP

    Programs: 100 Effects: LPF (Low Pass Filter), HPF (High Pass Filter), BPF+ (Band Pass Filter+), 72dB/oct LPF, LPF & Delay, HPF & Delay, BPF+ & Delay, LPF & Reverb, HPF & Reverb, BPF+ & Reverb, Morphing Filter, Radio Filter, Radio Isolator, Isolator, Isolator & Distortion, Isolator & Delay, Jet (Manual Flanger), Manual Phaser, Talk Filter, Digi Talk, Ring Mod ..
    239.00 лв
    с ДДС: 239.00 лв
  • Ефект KORG Kaoss Pad Quad

    Ефект KORG Kaoss Pad Quad

    Dynamic Effects Processor Create your own combination of Kaoss effects, and simultaneously control up to four effects using a single fingertip! Introducing the Kaoss Pad Quad; it’s Kaoss control evolved to a whole new level. Kaoss Pad Quad Highlights Brilliant, colorful LED touchpad illuminations move in sync with your performance Control multiple effects in realtime using the intuitive K..
    392.00 лв
    с ДДС: 392.00 лв
  • Ефект KORG Kaoss Pad KP3

    Ефект KORG Kaoss Pad KP3

    Progams: 128 Effects: Filter (Low-pass / High-pass / Band-pass / 72dB/oct. and Low-pass) Isolator & Distortion Talk-Filter Flanger 8-band EQ Mid Pitch Shifter Broken Modulation Phaser Ring Modulator & High-pass Filter Decimator Low Compressor Auto-Pan Slicer Delay (Ping-Pong, Multi-tap, Reverse & High-pass Filter) Tape Echo Reverb Gate Reverb Grain Shifter Vinyl ..
    590.00 лв
    с ДДС: 590.00 лв
  • Ефект KORG Kaossilator Pro

    Ефект KORG Kaossilator Pro

    Динамичен фразов синтезатор/loop recorder 200 звукови програми и гейт-арпеджиатор в стил Electribe! 4 банки за Loop Recording с възможност за наслагване на вградените тембри и семпли от аудиовхода Микрофонен вход и 15 вокодерни програми для създаване на  футуристични звукови эфекти! PCM-семпли с реалистични звуци на ударни и перкусии ..
    590.00 лв
    с ДДС: 590.00 лв
  • Ефект KORG Kaossilator Pro+

    Ефект KORG Kaossilator Pro+

    SPECIFICATIONS Number of programs: 250 Sound Categories: Lead=40 (8), Acoustic=15, Bass=40 (12), Chord=40 (11), SE=30 (5), Drum=30 (10), Drum Pattern = 40 (16), Vocoder = 15 ( ): New or improved functionality is enclosed in parentheses. Number of Scales: 35 Key setting:  ±12 Main controllers:Touch pad, GATE ARP TIME/SPEED slider Audio Input: Line Input (Stereo RCA jacks) ..
    781.00 лв
    с ДДС: 781.00 лв
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