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Ефекти за китара

  • Vox Soft Case Tonelab EX

    Vox Soft Case Tonelab EX

    This soft but heavy-duty shaped case is designed to fit the Vox Tonelab EX Guitar pedal. Carry your effects round in style and protect your guitar pedal from all the usual knocks and scrapes. Thickly padded and including an accessories pocket, this is a must have for ToneLab EX owners! ..
    57.00 лв
    с ДДС: 57.00 лв
  • Педал VOX VFS-2

    Педал VOX VFS-2

    Dual footswitch for Valve Reactor Series AC30VR & AC15VR, AC Custom Series AC15C1, AC30C2(X). Hi-quality durable all-metal construction with twin LED, separate stereo jack lead supplied for connect to amp. Compatible with AC15C1(X), AC15C2, AC30C2(X), AC15VR, AC30VR, and all Night Train G2 models. ..

    text_regular_price 82.00 лв

    text_special_price 57.00 лв

    с ДДС: 57.00 лв
  • Peavey XPORT

    Peavey XPORT

    Overview The Xport's high-quality ASIO™ and Core Audio™ drivers offer rock-solid performance for both Windows® and Mac® OS X. Powered by the USB bus and featuring both Headphone and Line outputs, the Xport provides musicians with a simple, hassle-free digital recording solution. Included with Xport is Peavey ReValver™ HPse amp modeling software, the only virtual amplifier that captures the true..
    96.00 лв
    с ДДС: 96.00 лв
  • Fender 230-1050-000 EXP-1 PEDAL

    Fender 230-1050-000 EXP-1 PEDAL

    За да имате още по-добър контрол! Нов динамичен педал с два режима на работа - контролира нивото на звука или контролира параметрите на даде ефект. Съвместим е с усилвателите  Mustang® III, IV и V, както и с новият Mustang Floor мулти-ефект.   Model Name: EXP-1 Expression Pedal Series: Fender Amplifier Type: Digital Inputs: One Input Controls: Rocker Footswitch Controls ..
    108.00 лв
    с ДДС: 108.00 лв
  • Педал VOX VFS-5

    Педал VOX VFS-5

    By using the optional VFS5 foot switch you can switch programs, turn reverb or other effects on/off, or make speed/tap settings using your foot. This is a great advantage when you're creating sounds or performing live. The VFS5 employs a tough steel design with traditional mechanical foot switches and an extra long five meter integral jack lead. The VFS5 currently works only with the following mod..

    text_regular_price 135.00 лв

    text_special_price 113.00 лв

    с ДДС: 113.00 лв


    MXR M69 Prime Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal Big, powerful '80s arena-rock tone Rich distortion Tone, Output, Distortion controls MXR build quality and components Low-noise op amps 100% analog ..
    120.00 лв
    с ДДС: 120.00 лв
  • Педал VOX Flat 4 Boost

    Педал VOX Flat 4 Boost

    Vox Flat 4 Boost. Спцификации на продукта: Input impedance: 1M Ω Output impedance: 2.2k Ω Vacuum tube: ECC83 / 12AX7 Connections: INPUT jack (guitar input), OUTPUT jack (line output) Power: AA battery x 6 AC adapter: DC 9V (Option) Vacuum tube operating voltage: 200 V Consumption current: 240 mA Battery Life: Approximately 7 hours Dimensions: (W x D x H): 87 x 132 x 63 /..

    text_regular_price 303.00 лв

    text_special_price 135.00 лв

    с ДДС: 135.00 лв
  • VOX Stomplab 1B

    VOX Stomplab 1B

    Vox StompLab IB Bass Modeling Effects Processor Features: 100 preset patches for all styles of music Rugged metal housing 60 tweakable effects to create your own sounds Built-in tuner and headphone amp Runs on 4 x AA batteries or optional AC adapter ..
    155.00 лв
    с ДДС: 155.00 лв
  • Процесор за Бас Китара KORG Ax-3B

    Процесор за Бас Китара KORG Ax-3B

    57 types of REMS modeling effect variations. Up to 6 simultaneous effects possible, including noise reduction 16 drive/amp types recreate the sound of a variety of top amps, with a choice of ten different cabinet types Numerous effects at a level of quality that rivals dedicated units Full editing of all parameters for 4 effect categories (pre-effect, drive/amp, modulation, delay/reverb) ..
    157.50 лв
    с ДДС: 157.50 лв
  • Процесор за Ел. Китара KORG Ax-3G

    Процесор за Ел. Китара KORG Ax-3G

    REMS modeling from the AX3000G 10 pre-effects 16 drive/amp models 10 different cabinet types 10 modulation effects 5 delays 5 reverbs Noise reduction Up to six effects at once Full editing of all parameters 4 effect categories (pre-effect, drive/amp, modulation, delay/reverb) 40 preset programs/40 user programs Auto chromatic tuner 1/4" instrument jack I/O 4-AA batte..
    157.50 лв
    с ДДС: 157.50 лв
  • Педал KORG EC5

    Педал KORG EC5

    KORG EC5 e блок от пет footswitch-a, на всеки от които може да се задава някаква функция. Изключително удобен за управление на аранжори и синтезатори. ..

    text_regular_price 194.00 лв

    text_special_price 164.00 лв

    с ДДС: 164.00 лв
  • Педал VOX WAH V847-A

    Педал VOX WAH V847-A

    The Vox V847A Wah Pedal is a reissue of the wah that changed electric guitar sounds in the '60s. The effect pedal is built to the exact specifications of the original one used by the most influential rock guitarists of all time totally authentic from its classy chrome top to its legendary growl. Vox V847 Wah-Wah Pedal Includes: vinyl carrying bag ..

    text_regular_price 194.00 лв

    text_special_price 166.00 лв

    с ДДС: 166.00 лв
  • Ibanez WH10V2

    Ibanez WH10V2

    FEATURES Multiple feedback opamp circuit Depth knob (+6 to +20dB) Range switch: Guitar 350Hz - 2.2kHz, Bass 175Hz - 1.1kHz Dry out ..
    192.00 лв
    с ДДС: 192.00 лв
  • Ibanez WH10V2

    Ibanez WH10V2

    here's nothing like the sound of a classic wah pedal to squeeze every ounce of expression out of a screaming solo or rhythm part. The Ibanez WH10V2 was a hit when it was first released in the '80s and now it's back as the WH10V2 Classic Reissue Wah, and it's even better. The WH10V2 Classic Reissue Wah features the same multiple-feedback op-amp circuit as the original, a feature rarely found in ..
    192.00 лв
    с ДДС: 192.00 лв
  • Процесор за Ел. Китара KORG Pandora MINI-BK

    Процесор за Ел. Китара KORG Pandora MINI-BK

    Китарен и бас ефект процесор от KORG. Функции: - интерфейс и ефекти правени специално за китара и за бас - новата, разработена от Korg "REMS" технология - 200 готови бленди (включително и звуци използвани в известни песни) - 200 програми готови за запис - 158 различни вида ефекти и симулации - можете да ползвате до 7 ефекта едновременно - 100 различни ритми и вграден метроном; идеално за композира..

    text_regular_price 199.00 лв

    text_special_price 194.00 лв

    с ДДС: 194.00 лв
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