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    An analogue performance mixer that completes your volca setup. volca mix is the long-awaited mixer for the volca series. The volca mix is a four-channel analogue performance mixer that lets you construct a live setup combining multiple volca units.  Volume faders are easy to control, plus crisp-sounding LO/HI CUT filters, and a master chain that radically transforms the sound. In addition..

    text_regular_price 270.00 лв

    text_special_price 215.00 лв

    с ДДС: 215.00 лв
  • M108SEU MXR 10 BAND EQ

    M108SEU MXR 10 BAND EQ

    MXR Ten Band EQ Pedal Features: 10-band graphic EQ pedal for guitar and bass Each slider offers 12dB of cut/boost Volume and Gain sliders for boosting your tone, or compensating for frequencies you've cut Low-noise circuitry and true bypass switching Rugged aluminum housing, with bright LED indicators on the sliders Perfect for removing unwanted frequencies, fighting feedback, balancing your..
    339.00 лв
    с ДДС: 339.00 лв
  • Пулт PV 6BT

    Пулт PV 6BT

    Equipped with Peavey's reference-quality mic preamps that spec in at an incredible 0.0007% THD, the PV 6 BT mixer is excellent for live or recording applications. The PV 6 BT mixer includes 2 channels of reference-quality mic preamps, 2 direct outputs for recording, a stereo input channel, and a dedicated media channel, and Bluetooth® wireless input and high quality digital effects. Other featu..
    429.60 лв
    с ДДС: 429.60 лв
  • Пулт PV5300 w-MP3

    Пулт PV5300 w-MP3

    The Peavey PV 5300 is an all-in-one powered mixer, providing up to four combination XLR and 1/4" inputs using premium Peavey mic preamps, and 200 watts of peak power for crystal clear audio reproduction. The Peavey PV 5300 uses exclusive features to accurately help improve tone and clarity of vocals. Our revolutionary FLS® Feedback Locating System quickly and easily identifies and removes feedback..
    499.20 лв
    с ДДС: 499.20 лв
  • Пулт PVi 8500

    Пулт PVi 8500

    The Peavey PVi 8500 /PV 8500 is a revolutionary all-in-one powered mixer with everything a musician needs: up to eight combination XLR and 1/4" inputs using Peavey's awardwinning mic preamps, and 400 watts of peak power for crystal-clear audio reproduction. The Peavey PVi 8500 / PV8500 uses exclusive features like Mid Morph® to accurately help improve tone and clarity of vocals. Feedback is quickl..
    948.00 лв
    с ДДС: 948.00 лв
  • Пулт XR-S

    Пулт XR-S

     Peavey Electronics®, the industry’s most technology-driven audio equipment manufacturer, is proud to unveil the new XR®-S mixer. Originators of the modern top box mixer, Peavey now raises the bar for compact audio solutions with this powerful new design. The XR-S powered mixer incorporates an 8-channel mixer and 1,000 Watts of power (1,500 Watts peak) into a feature-rich, conveniently siz..
    1440.00 лв
    с ДДС: 1440.00 лв
  • Пулт 16FX

    Пулт 16FX

    The Peavey 16FX 16-channel mixer with effects combines exclusive Silencer mic preamps, dual DSP engines, dual USB ports, and built-in MP3 compression for exporting audio directly to a computer. The Peavey mixing console employs state-of-the-art technology to enhance live sound reproduction and project studio recording, including Silencer mic preamps, which allow very high gain with low noise an..
    1795.20 лв
    с ДДС: 1795.20 лв
  • Пулт XR-AT

    Пулт XR-AT

    The XR-AT powered mixer incorporates a 9-channel mixer and 1,000 Watts of power (1,500 Watts peak) into a unique, portable design. Plus, for the first time ever, the mixer includes the world famous Antares® Auto-Tune® pitch correction technology. This technology can literally help anyone sing in key and is used on professional recordings and live performances throughout the world. Ideal for use..
    2019.60 лв
    с ДДС: 2019.60 лв
  • Peavey Пулт XR1212

    Peavey Пулт XR1212

    Console style mixer/amp, 12 channels with XLR mic inputs plus stereo line inputs on channels 11 & 12, 60 mm faders, 4 band EQ with mid-morph technology, 2 monitor sends, 1 EFX send, pan pot, PFL and Mute switches. Dual 600W @ 4 ohm Class D power amps, 2 combo (Speakon and 1/4") connecters per amp channel, digital EFX (w/footswitch defeat and tap function). Auto EQ feature (with dedicated RTA i..
    2232.00 лв
    с ДДС: 2232.00 лв
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